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What this course is:

Rick breaks down his popular Instagram Quick Lessons and teaches you the theory behind each concept. This includes in-depth music theory analysis, techniques, harmony, and improvisational concepts designed for all skill levels.

Table of contents

Intro & Triad Pairs

b9 Intervals

Scales Over Chords

Spread Triads

Combining Wide Intervals

3 Major Triads Over A Major Chord

The Cycle of Dominant Chords

Surround Tones

Mini Chord Progressions

Modal Half Steps - Dorian

Modal Half Steps - Mixolydian

Modal Mixture

Diatonic Add9 Arpeggios

Intervallic Playing

Melodic Variation Practice

E Mixolydian - Linear Study

Modal Interchange In A Sharp Direction

Neighbor Tones

Negative Harmony

Hammer-Ons & False Fingerings

Guitar Playing Techniques

Modifying Sequences For Key Changes

Spread Dominant Concepts

Social Media Explained

Open String Chords

Varying Ideas In Multiple Octaves

Complex Harmony In Compositions

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for guitarists of any skill level. 

No download required. The course is browser-based, meaning you must login through the website to access the course.

It’s a one-time purchase.

Yes. Although, I will regularly add new lessons to the course at no additional charge to you. 

Intervals, Triads, Scales, Arpeggios, Improvisation, Chord Progressions and Voicings, Modal Harmony, Negative Harmony, Various Guitar Techniques, Social Media Advice.

For best results, we recommend you use it on a desktop or laptop. However, smartphones and tablets are also supported.

Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, GPay and more

The course is accessed via the internet, it is digital. You have the option to print the included PDFs.

Lessons vary in length and are generally between 6-20 minutes.

After purchasing you will be sent a license code to your email. Using that you will be able to sign up on the platform. More detailed instructions will be found in the email.